Lab News

2020-05-14: Martin Gruebele received the Protein Society Hans Neurath Award

2020-04-06: Congratulations to Huy Nguyen on a successful PhD defense!

2018-02-14: Prof. Martin Gruebele, the James R. Eiszner Endowed Chair in Chemistry, has received a 2018 TREE award from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA).

2018-01-19: Congrats to Dr. Yi Zhang on his successful PhD defense.

2018-01-01: Welcome Yuhan! Yuhan has joined the Gruebele Lab as a graduate student. She will be studying protein folding and dynamics in-cells.

2017-11-13: Martin gave the Harry Kroto Lecture at Florida State University.

2017-11-01: Welcome Alison! Alison has joined the Gruebele Lab as a graduate student. She will be working at the Beckman Institute studying excited states and energy flow using STM.

2017-07-21: Ruopei and Aniket successfully hosted the fish swimming lab at the Center for Physics in Living Cells Summer School.

2017-06-16: Congrats Kapil on his PhD defense and the new job at Intel.

2016-09-02: Kapil’s paper titled “Eliminating a Protein Folding Intermediate by Tuning a Local Hydrophobic Contact” was just accepted in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B.

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