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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

The School of Chemical Sciences

Demos and Outside links

L2. Central Limit Theorem App

L3. Complex numbers as 2-D vectors

L4. Microphone Sound Analyzer App

L7. Classical skater Harmonic oscillator energies and wavefunctions

L9. From finite to ∞ well Electrons in a square well

L10. Atomic orbitals: IQMol Site

L11. Bonding and anti bonding quantum superposition: Desmos Graphing Calculator

L12. Bonding as tunneling Tunneling across a barrier

L13. IQMol Site

L15. Tunneling across a barrier

L18. The pitch drop experiment of 1927

L19. Diffusion out of half a box

L21. Hot and cold

L23. dS=dE/T

L25. Protein folding simulation

L30. Brownian motion simulation

L31. Gel electrophoresis

L34. Osmotic pressure

L36. Kinetics demonstration

Physical constants

American Physical Society

National Institute of Standards and Technology