Chem 440 General homework info

Chem 440: General homework info

Homework assignments are listed in the course schedule for each lecture. Usually 1 to 4 problems are assigned per lecture. Only one or two of these per lecture are turned in for grading. However, ANY homework problems, thought experiments, or in-class exercises may show up on the exams in slightly modified form (e.g. different molecule or numbers).

Since each week typically has 2-3 lectures, you will usually turn in 2-4 problems the following week. A week’s homework problems are all due together at 5 PM the day of the first lecture of the following week (i.e. usually Monday at 5 PM unless there is holiday on Monday).

All homework solutions are posted FROM DAY 1. Peek at them at your own risk before turning in your homework. Gruebele recommends doing ALL assigned problems (turn-in and not turn-in) first, without looking at the solutions. You can work alone or in groups (as long as everyone in a group participates). You can correct your solution before turning it in, but do it intelligently, not by rote copying from the online solution.

Late homework gets 50% credit up to a week late. Gruebele’s advice is you are better off on exams turning in a homework late but having done it yourself, rather than copying the solutions. The exams are worth a lot more points than the homework.

Homework solutions for the four reading segments of the course:
Overview solutions
Quantum solutions
Stat Mech and Thermo solutions
Transport and kinetics solutions