Chem 440 Instructor

Instructor and TAs

Course Instructor: Prof. Martin Gruebele

Office hours: Fridays 11-12:30 in person, or by appointment. Zoom may be substituted if needed.

Location: A220 Chemical and Life Sciences (CLSL-A), 2nd floor across from Krannert. Happy to discuss any subject of interest, not just pchem!


Course co-instructor: Dr. Premila Samuel Russell, who will give the math overview lectures (1, 2, 3), lecture 8 on “The Quantum Spring” and lecture 25 on “Folding Proteins with Stat Mech”

Course TAs:
Omar Ghaleb
Office hours: noon – 1 PM and 4-5 PM on Wednesdays. Location: Room 124C Chem Library

Romans Grant
Office hours: Mondays 11 AM. Location: Room 124E Chem Library

  Your TAs are well-trained physical chemists! Make use of their office hours for advice on homework, as well as questions about the material. Have questions? Don’t wait – ask!

Fall 2022 (first column) and Spring 2022 (2nd column) TA lecture notes: