Chem 440 Textbook

The Course Notes

This course does not have a huge and expensive textbook. Instead we have 4 sections of course notes that contain all the reading and homework problems. These notes are brief and contain all the material you need to excel on exams.

The good news: the reading is only 2 to 3 pages per lecture at most, about 6 pages per week. So you should not be overwhelmed by reading material. It is important that you READ THE SHORT READING ASSIGNMENT BEFORE EVERY LECTURE in order to be able to keep up. Gruebele will not just repeat the notes, but highlight the difficult parts and do in-class exercises and work with you through thought experiments.

Note on the notes: Let me know if you find a typo in the notes!

Links to the notes are given here:

Overview: Notes “O”
Quantum Mechanics: Notes “Q”
Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics: Notes “S”
Transport & Kinetics: “Notes T”