Chem 542 additional demo


This page contains demos demonstrating some concepts in the lectures

Lecture 1: Newton’s second law (online)Pendulum (online)Loaded string (local)

Lecture 2: Molecular dynamics (online)molecular dynamics simulation of liquids (online)

Lecture 3: Fourier series (local), wave motion in 2-D (local) and in 3-D (local)ripple tank (local)

Lecture 4: Propagation of electromagnatic wave (online)

Lecture 5:

Lecture 6:

Lecture 7:

Lecture 8: Matrix (online) and vector dot product (local) applets

Lecture 9: Particle in 1-D box (local)

Lecture 10: Particle in 2-D box (local)

Lecture 11: Fermi-Dirac distribution (online)

Lecture 12:

Lecture 13:

Lecture 14: Hydrogen atom (local)

Lecture 15:

Lecture 16:

Lecture 17: MO and VB demos (local)MO of hydgrogen molecule ion (local)

Lecture 18: The simple Huckel molecular orbital theory calculator (online)

Lecture 19: Harmonic oscillator in 1-D (local)

Lecture 20: Vibration of triatomic molecules (online)normal modes (online)

Lecture 21: 1-D quantum transitions (local)

Lecture 22: Collisional heating by infrared absorption of carbon dioxide (online)IR spectra of green house gases (online) IR vibration rotation spectrum (online)

Lecture 23: Double well and covalent bonds (online)

Lecture 24: Fluorescence of materials (online)

Lecture 25: Fluorescence spectra and calculations (online)

Lecture 26: Spin populations (online)FID and NMR spectrum (online), precession of magnetization in 1 (online) and 2 (online) frequency-FID

Lecture 27: Chemical shift and J-coupling (online)NMR predictor (online)the AB spectrum (online)ABX spectrum (online)structure determination using NMR (online)J-coupling (online)

Lecture 28: Simplified NMR and MRI (online)MRI simulator (online)