Chem 542 Note

This page contains the lecture notes for Chem 542.

Below note sections/chapters are shown in the order covered, based on topics voted by students in the class who responded to my email. This order does not correspond to the numbering within the PDF files.

Any additions to the lecture notes will also be posted here.

1. Notes (E&M)
Only read sections 2.1.1 and 2.2

2. Notes (Multipole couplings)
Skip 9.2.ii and 9.3.2

3. Notes (Time-dependent quantum mechanics)
Only section B.3, and skip sub-section 3.9 and 3.10 at the end

4. Notes (Density matrices)
Skip 3.5

5. Notes (Two-level system dynamics)
Skip 11.3

6. Notes (n-level systems, lasers, optics)

7. Notes (Quantum-classical molecule-field interaction, nonlinear spectroscopy)

8. Notes (Quantum field theory of molecule-radiation)

Notes Appendix A (Mathematics used in 542)