Principal Investigator

Lab Assistant and Researcher

Nikolai Kocherginski

Postdoctoral Researchers

Zhaleh Ghaemi

Research: Atomistic and whole-cell modeling of viral infection 

Premila Samuel Russell

Research : heme proteins and intrinsically disordered proteins

Graduate Students

Alison Wallum

Research: Imaging energy flow and excited states

(Joint with Joseph Lyding)

Aniket Ravan

Research: Zebrafish locomotion

(Joint with Yann Chemla)

Gopika Gopan

Research: Protein and RNA folding in vitro

Mahima Unnikrishnan

Research: Nanoparticle-protein interactions in cell

(Joint with Cathy Murphy)

Mayank Boob

Research: Protein and RNA folding in vitro

(Joint with Taras Pogorelov)

Meredith Rickard

Research: All-atom simulations of protein dynamics in cells

(Joint with Taras Pogorelov)

Yuhan Wang

Research: Protein folding, diffusion and interaction in cell

Zane Thornburg

Research: Whole Cell Simulations

(Joint with Zan Luthey-Schulten)

Arash Firouzbakht

Research: Protein folding and dynamics

Chenghao Zhang

Research: energy flow in molecules

Zhengyi Bian

Research: nano materials excited-state STM imaging

Andrew Karlin Maytin

Research : Quantum Measurement theory

Undergraduate Student

Former Members