Chem 243 Course schedule

Course Schedule

Date Lab Topic Reading
Week 1 Course introduction: Examples of enabling instrumentation in modern chemical research
Week 2 Introduction to data handling: types of data and data fittingSkoog: Chapter 1,Appendix 1
Week 3 Instrumental noise: What, where, when, and how to reduce Skoog: Chapter 5
Week 4 MatLab/Data fitting/Calibration methodsInstrument calibration methods
Week 5 Introduction to optics and optical spectroscopy Skoog, Chapter 7
Week 6
Week 7 Molecular Fluorescence and Phosphorescence: Spin and Particle-in-a box considerations in optical spectroscopySkoog, Chapter 15, and additional reading TBA
Week 8 Fluorescence
Week 9UV-visible absorption spectroscopySkoog, Chapter 13-14
Week 10Infrared absorbance spectroscopySkoog, Chapter 16-17
Week 11FT-IR
Week 12spectroscopy Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Skoog, Chapter 19, and additional reading TBA
Week 13
Week 14NMR
Week 15